About the Coloff Lab

In the Coloff Lab, we strive to better understand the unique metabolic features of tumor cells, with the ultimate goal of identifying new strategies of targeting metabolism for cancer therapy. We believe that in order to maximize the clinical impact of targeting metabolism in cancer, we must develop a comprehensive understanding of how cancer cells interact with the body's metabolism to grow, evade therapy, and metastasize. To this end, we investigate fundamental aspects of cancer cell biology in the context of clinically relevant questions, thereby increasing the likelihood that our discoveries will lead to improvements for patients in the clinic.

Our lab belongs to the Department of  Physiology and Biophysics in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We are also members of the University of Illinois Cancer Center and the UIC Breast Cancer Research Group. We are a highly collaborative group of scientists who are always looking for ways to expand the impact of our research. Please check out our website for more information on our lab!